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Conventional school systems fail when they force a struggling student to repeat an entire grade or advance a student without having grasped course concepts. Some of these students graduate from high school without basic grammar, math, or other academic skills.

Each child that is admitted at LICA must take a diagnostic test. A.C.E. has a system that negates the need to repeat a grade or advance to more difficult material without mastering a subject. Through the Diagnostic Test, students are tested based on what they have learned. Learning gaps—subject concepts the student may have missed—are documented after the student finishes testing.

The four academic areas tested include :

  • Math (Levels 1–9)
  • English (Levels 1–8)
  • Reading comprehension for science, social studies, Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing (Levels 1–8)
  • Spelling (Levels 2–9)

When weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACEs are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the gap PACEs, the student progresses at his performance level. If he demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing, he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level.

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